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Terms and conditions for MaintainFit (4 Classes per Month) Auto-Pay Membership

THANK YOU for being a part of a community of wellness and strength at ReformFit!

By purchasing you are agreeing to the following terms:

° Cancellation policy: There is no penalty for cancelling before the 10 hour late cancel window. If you know you are not able to attend your class or session, please cancel. That will help other people sign up for the class they want. Classes that are cancelled within 10 hours of class time will be considered used. If you are registered for a class and do not cancel by class’s start time a No Show fee of $5 will be incurred. We are sorry but in order to avoid abuse and discrimination there are NO exceptions.

° Four classes must be used within one month. A month is defined as 30 consecutive days. Memberships cannot be shared or transferred.

° Freezes: You can freeze a membership for a minimum of 1 month and up to 3 months by emailing us 5 business days prior to auto pay date. If you freeze your account, you are responsible for all class cancellations during that time. Freezes or cancellations can only start on the billing date and end a billing date.

° 2 freezes a year are free. Any additional freezes will incur a $15 fee.

° You can cancel your membership by email only, please email us 5 business days prior to your auto-pay date. We will not be able to process cancellations of membership that are close to the billing date.

° All schedule changes MUST be done online through your pike13 account. It’s simple and quick and we are happy to assist if you need help setting up an account. If you have any questions or issues with your account, please let us know. Cancelling via email, phone or text is not a valid method for cancelling and your class will appear as a "no-show" and $5 fee will apply.

° It is your responsibility to make sure you have enough classes left before registering or attending a class. Your account dashboard displays the number of classes left for the month. If you attend a class after using all the credits in your plan you are responsible to pay for a single class.

° If you would like to make an upgrade to a higher frequency plan mid-month we are able to do so but we are not able to downgrade a plan mid-month. The two months’ commitment will apply to any upgrade or change in plans.

° This plan requires 3 months' commitment. Early termination fee is $35. Plan can only be stopped at the end of the billing period.

° You are agreeing to abide by the studio’s policies as described on our website reformfitpilates.com. Additional terms and conditions may apply on a case by case basis.

Refunds cannot be issued once a payment has been processed. All sales are final.